Meet the Sisters


Mother Johanna Marie Melnyk is Prioress of our community.

Sr. Therese Marie Kintzley is Subprioress, serves on the community Council, and works part time in Pastoral Care at St Bernards Regional Medical Center.

Sr. M. Petra Riga, our senior Sister in Profession and in age, devotes her days to prayer.

Sr. M. Angeline Massery provides prayer support for the community.

Sr. Mary John Seyler, a former Prioress, is Director of our Oblate program.

Sr. M. Monica Swirczynski is one of our Archivists.

Sr. M. Dominica Wise  provides prayer support for the community.

Sr. M. Romana Rohmer handles community correspondence and runs our gift shop.

Sr. Mary Anne Nuce, a former Prioress, works in Pastoral Care, tutors at Blessed Sacrament School, is assistant to our Formation Directress and a member of the Council.

Sr. M. Christopher Flowers provides tutoring in reading skills and assists our Novitiate with their studies.

Sr. M. Celestine Pond provides prayer support for the community.

Sr. M. Eileen Schneider, a former Prioress, assists with health insurance and volunteers at a local food pantry.

Sr. M. Elaine Willett provides prayer support for the community.

Sr. M. Lenore Dust provides prayer support to the community.

Sr. M. Jeanette Bayer teaches at Sacred Heart School on mission in Muenster, TX.

Sr. Lillian Marie Reiter, a former Prioress, works at the Motherhouse.

Sr. M. Helen Herbstritt is community liturgist, one of our organists, and music teacher at Blessed Sacrament School.

Sr. Marya Duscher works in hospitality and gardening, and creates original artwork.

Sr. Miriam Burns works at the Motherhouse.

Sr. Ann Marie Ferricher works part-time in Pastoral Care and helps with gardening.

Sr. Marilyn Doss works full time in Pastoral Care.

Sr. M. Josita Lopez is on a leave of absence.

Sr. M. Laura Cathcart teaches third grade at Blessed Sacrament School and serves on the community Council.

Sr. M.-Therese Johnson is community Sacristan, one of our Archivists, and teaches religious education at St. Anthony’s Church in Weiner, AR.

Sr. M. Virginia Baltz is an assistant to the liturgist.

Sr. M. Deborah Coffey both creates and restores artwork, and teaches religious education at St. Anthony’s Church in Weiner, AR.

Sr. M. Cecilia Nguyen is Formation Directress, our community Safe Environment Coordinator, and serves on the Council.

Sr. Mary Beth Hackley is community Treasurer, teaches religious education at Blessed Sacrament Church, and is a member of the Council.

Sr. Mary Clare Bezner is on mission in Little Rock, AR. She is community Vocation Directress, diocesan Minister to Religious, and a Council member.

Sr. Maria Christi Cavanaugh is Director of Pastoral Care and community infirmarian, chairs the safety committee, and serves on the community Council.

Sr. M. Glorea Knaggs is community Secretary, mission coordinator in Little Rock, AR, teaching at Christ the King School, editing the Echoes, and serving on the Council.

Sr. M. Catherine Luttmer is a Junior Sister.

Sr. Maria Rose Carter is a Junior Sister.

Postulant Julie Watts is in her first year of formation.