Benedictine Oblates of Holy Angels Convent

What is an Oblate?

Oblates are women and men who associate themselves with a Benedictine community in order to share in the spiritual and material good works of that community. They familiarize themselves with the Rule of St Benedict and make promises to implement in their daily lives the values expressed in the Rule. Oblates do not live in the community or take religious vows. They carry out the usual duties of their particular state of life, continuing whatever occupation they have chosen.

Oblates are faithful to daily prayer and Scripture readings, as well as regular study of the Rule. They serve the Church by putting God first, then their families, their parishes, and the oblate program. Oblates receive support and encouragement from their Benedictine community.

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Sr M. Yvonne Lerner, OSB, founded the Benedictine Oblates of Holy Angels Convent in 1983, while she was Sub-Prioress of the community. She used her special talents—especially her singing and guitar playing—to draw all who knew her close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to his Mother Mary. Many oblates, deacons, Sisters, and relatives as well as countless friends were aided in their prayer lives by Sr Yvonne’s example and counsel.

Sr Mary John Seyler, OSB, became director of the Benedictine Oblates of Holy Angels Convent after Sr Yvonne became too ill to continue. The membership has grown slowly but steadily. Since many of our oblates live outside the immediate Jonesboro area, much of Sr Mary John’s communication with the oblates has been via mail and telephone—and now email and the internet.